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Nagashiwa Designs
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This is my GFX journal. GFX = Graphics.
I can make a lot of stuff! Icons, banners and so on! be free to join this community and please support me ^_^

Be free to request something! You can do that in the request post HERE

If you got questions be free to ask them but please read the F.A.Q first

If you got questions please contact me nagashiwa
Or you can mail me: animeshok_fan(at)hotmail.com

Please do not claim my stuff as your own. please give me credit if you share or use something thank you~~


Oh and I do love comments <3

and you know even basic icons can be very beautiful ^_^

Q: Why should I Join or Watch you?
A: Because you will see my graphics much faster and i'm happy if people do support me ^_^
Q The layout doesn't fit for my screen T_T
A Just give me a call and I will make one who does fit for your screen <3
Q: What languages do you speak?
A: 1.Nederlands, 2.Deutsch & 3.English

25th-Dec-2012 12:49 am - Thank you for your support
This is official the last post of this community.

I've deleted everything what I've once posted over here.
Of course I've made a small back up from my own files.


If you want to keep following me you can keep an eye on my facebook page

But I really need to surprise you with more cool things.
But first I need to find new inspiration for making cool new graphics!


Good Bye!~
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